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The Market For The Best Unlocked Phones In Usa Is Growing Rapidly: Reports

Multiple reports and studies have found that the demand for the best unlocked phones in USA is increasing at a rapid pace. These phones might not be that popular on a global scale, but they are for sure a boon to the US market.


During Q1 2018, the unlocked smartphone market witnessed +40% YoY growth, which in itself describes how well these smartphones are getting absorbed in the market. Looking at this accelerating success, market experts are quite positive for the upcoming quarters.


When contacted an online store, the owner stated that more than any local store, customers prefer to buy unlocked cell phones online. This may certainly be due to the range of colors, patterns and designs available online.


The owner also highlighted some of the major factors that drive the market growth of unlocked phones. Some of them are mentioned as under -


  • Freedom to choose any cellular carrier or wireless service provider
  • Perfect option for those who need to travel to different international locations
  • Very easy to customize, service and replace
  • Amazing network compatibility
  • Highly affordable and comes with multiple options
  • No roaming charges
  • Increased resale value

These factors are the lucrative enough to maximize the market growth today and in the near future as well.


An Emerging Style Statement


Besides all the benefits and features, these smartphones are getting popular for their unmatched style statement. This implies that owning an  unlocked cell phone is a matter of pride or style statement for most of the customers in US.

These customers are generally the ‘early adopters’, who love purchasing products, the moment they enter the market. Teenagers are also found to have an increasing inclination towards these amazing phones.


Further, the market growth of these phones has also led to the growth in demand for trendy phone cases. Phone covers are known to add elegance to the look of the phone, along with excellent protection features. Hence, people interested in buying unlocked cell phones, are also fund to be interested in buying the coolest phone cases available online.


In simple words, it can be thus concluded that the unlocked smartphone market in US is high beneficial for mobile stakeholders, as it will keep growing in its market value and market share.


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